Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ciao! Benvenuti nel mio blog! Sono arrivato a Roma ed è bellissimo!  In other words, I have arrived and ready to dive into the Italian culture. I'm actually not Italian, but wish I was! My spelling could use some work, but its getting there! It would give me an excuse for my eating!

Before arriving into the Eternal City I had to fly into Chicago since I am doing the program at the John Felice Rome Center through Loyola University Chicago. I stayed one night in the city and met up with my friend. I wanted to eat anything but Italian. The next day was the beginning of a longer flight, about seven hours. I couldn't help myself. I watched the Lizzie McGuire Movie on the way. After all, it made me want to come to Rome. Gave in to my inner child. Of course they served wine on the plane...it was practice for my Foods and Wines class. 

The first couple of days here were a bit tiring. We went through a lot of orientation stuff. But I finally headed out on the town on Thursday night. We wandered around the Spanish steps. So bella! 

This past weekend we visited the Colosseum, the Forum, and the city of Tivoli. Oh, and I signed up for a week trip to Tunisia, Africa for Spring Break!!! I'm getting excited to ride a camel!!! I've already had several of my classes and my professors all seem really nice. I'm taking:
-Italian 1
-Food and Wines
-Theology of Pilgrimage
-Writing in Rome

I love my schedule!

Yesterday, we visited Plaza Novena where we ate dinner at this adorable Italian restaurant. The owner was so nice that he gave us two free bottles of wine and 10% off our bill. Their hospitality is great indeed!

Overall, a great start to my four month stay in Italy! I will be trying to write a little each week. Check in!

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